Raffle Policy

Trakz has a raffle license which is legally for fundraising. 
The committee agreed that if the Trakz committee meet their obligations for putting on the community event before needing to use the raffle takings, then any superfluous takings will be donated to the Mayors charities for that year.

(Hence the word "supports" which appears on the tickets)
As the raffle is a fundraising tool and as per committee agreement in 2015, it was decided to offer cash prizes which are always popular and encourage sales. The prizes come out of the takings - this was also agreed at the time.
Because the Trakz committee has been successful in raising funds to run the festival each year without using the raffle we have donated all the superfluous funds to Mayors' charities. 
We are not allowed, according to the terms and conditions of our public funders, to donate their funds to charity. We are not allowed to give their funds as raffle prizes, the raffle has to be self funding.
Minutes can be viewed on request.
This should clear up any confusion.

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